Mission Statement

TGPS serves as investment bankers, partners and advisors to growing, entrepreneurial companies in the U.S. and around the world. TGPS focuses on situations requiring a broad base of financial and management disciplines. In the conduct of TGPS’ business, the emphasis is on the development of long-term relationships through its experienced bankers and the building of businesses with durability and ability to compete successfully in the global economy.TGPS uses its domestic and international connectivity to access capital for investment advisers seeking to increase assets under management (“AUM”).

Member | FINRA | SIPC

TGP Securities Inc. Services

• Assist companies in raising capital;
• Assist clients in marketing and distributing interests in registered and non-registered Investment Funds;
• Assist institutional investor with investments in equity and debt securities;
• Provide transaction advisory services;

Specifically, TGPS’ work can be divided into two categories, described in depth below.
1. Capital Raising

• Advice with respect to private offerings of debt, equity, and derivative securities in the U.S. capital markets;
• Coordination of the private placement of debt and equity securities in the U.S. capital markets such as 144A placement and syndications;
• Assist non-affiliated funds and other financial firms in raising capital and increasing AUMs

TGPS provides a key service to small and mid-size U.S. companies and many foreign entities with respect to their accessing the U.S. and global capital markets. TGPS works to coordinate the private placement of various securities to institutional investors in the U.S. and overseas.
TGPS also works to:
(a) Identify opportunities and businesses that are well positioned for an influx of capital.

(b) Ensure that such businesses are appropriately capitalized to meet their strategic objectives; in this regard, TGPS may raise equity from third party investors (largely high net worth individuals, corporate or institutional investors).

(c) Ensure that appropriate systems, controls, disciplines and best practices are instituted to effect the viability of the business as a going concern.

(d) Remain involved with the business on a contractual basis to oversee its continued growth and monitor its capital and business needs.

All Offerings participated in by TGPS are on a best-efforts basis, and contingent on certain minimum threshold amounts being raised. TGPS acts solely as an agent with respect to private placements; it will not underwrite any offerings.

2. Merger & Acquisition Strategy and Execution

• Acquisition Identification
• Transaction Execution
• Strategic Alliances
• Corporate Divestitures

  In this activity, TGPS carries out assignments from middle market companies, financial entrepreneurs, management groups, and portfolio companies. It also undertakes occasional sell-side assignments for owners of companies identified through its client base, and from its network of investors and entrepreneurs.